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by MyTraining / July 29, 2021

Keep your teams safe – are they using equipment correctly?

No matter how many teams you have to manage, the main responsibility that you have as a cleaning contractor, is to make sure that your teams are safe.

Being responsible for your employees can be overwhelming sometimes which is why we’ve created a short list of questions to help you think about updating any training or procedures.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your employees’ use of PPE:

  • Are all employees aware about PPE?
  • Have they received training about PPE?
  • Has feedback been given about their use of the equipment?

Why is important to know that equipment is being used correctly?

It is due diligent to follow Health and Safety procedures and it’s in the best interest of you and your team. Mistakes can lead to accidents and legal action.


Encourage your team to always think safely and not take risks. Ladders shouldn’t be placed on uneven or slippery surfaces, a good solid ground is needed to place a ladder. Make sure your team are comfortable assessing their own risks. Are there any rungs or bends? Does the ladder still lock securely? What ladder to choose really depends on what your purpose is for using it. If your operators are doing industrial work, a sturdy ladder with platform steps and a good tread will be fit for the job. Get them to ensure that the ladder is structurally stable before they attempt to climb up it and ask them not to overload ladders or carry heavy items.

Protective clothes and shoes

A hi-vis jacket should be worn when marshalling or doing maintenance work. Are the lighting conditions dark where your team will be working? Hi-vis clothing must be worn on these occasions to be seen. The darker the lighting the more hi-vis clothing must be worn otherwise the risk to that person being injured by accident increases. High grip thick boots should be worn in industrial locations and disposable shoes worn over normal shoes in sanitary environments to prevent infection. Make sure your team has all that they need to stay safe.

Protective gloves

Before delegating a task ask yourself whether there will be any handling of toxic materials, which your team might need synthetic gloves for Is there a risk of being cut? A cotton glove would be much better suited for this occasion. Perhaps there is a risk of a cut and infection to the wound or other bacteria? Then disposable gloves would be the best thing to wear to protect against the infection and stop it from spreading.

Face Shields

There could be unwanted flying debris where maintenance work is being carried out or risk of chemicals getting into the eye. A face shield would be used on these occasions as it will also stop any unwanted and potentially dangerous substance going into the mouth. Assess what the risks are and make your judgement based on the risk of substances that are worked with.

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