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by MyTraining / June 13, 2022

The challenges of staff training

Training cleaning operatives has always been a big challenge, with staff often having multiple jobs, working different shifts and across lots of sites. 

Language can also present challenges, as often a cleaning operatives first language isn’t English, so trying to make sure all operatives are trained to the same high level can take huge amounts of time both in admin and out on site.

A recent survey showed that thirty-nine per cent of cleaning operatives say they are not very willing to learn new things.  From the results, the following issues were identified: low literacy, low education, low digital skills, little confidence in one’s own abilities, insufficient access to training and therefore: little motivation to carry out training and learn new skills.

It has been said that even if employees are willing to learn new things they can experience barriers, such as travel distance to the training centre, little confidence in the language, the fear of failure, and of examination.  

One of the other possible reasons for cleaning operative’s resistance to learning new skills, is that staff can often have negative opinions or views on training.  They may fear they will be asked to do more tasks or work harder in less time and therefore there is a lack of confidence and trust.

However, there are other reasons why cleaning operatives may be unwilling to attend training sessions, such as inadequate resources or the cost of travel to the site.

Using a platform like MyTraining is a great way to overcome those barriers – bite sized online training videos that take no more than 4 minutes every week and can be viewed on any device, making it easy for every operative to complete their training when it’s most convenient, without having to take time out of a busy schedule.

The ability to change the language on the site and training content also makes training easy for operative’s who’s first language may not be English.

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