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by MyTraining / March 22, 2022

Managing remote teams

Managing teams of people can be demanding, whatever the industry. But when you’re responsible for several teams of cleaning operatives, each working remotely across a wide geographical area, it can be particularly challenging.  

We know that it’s vital to keep remote teams motivated and passionate about providing excellent service to your clients. So we’ve pulled together some top tips about how to keep your teams on track.

Take advantage of technology

Take full advantage of the incredible technology now available to keep tabs on your teams. Handwritten time sheets are outdated and come with the risk of error and deception, while time clocks can be inefficient. Why not look into different ways to track times accurately? Mobile clocking in and out allows you to see via Google maps where your operatives are and how long they’ve been at a location. There’s even technology available which lets customers review the service they’ve received from your operatives, providing you with instant valuable feedback.

It’s good to talk

Encourage area supervisors to talk to you, but make sure that you’re also communicating with cleaning operatives. They may be able to offer useful feedback about equipment, time keeping and pressures you may otherwise be unaware of. As with all remote working, in the cleaning industry there is a danger that the physical distance can evolve into a lack of engagement. Engaging with your staff is a key element of a successful business and by encouraging remote staff to voice opinions and make suggestions, they know they’re valued. Tools like Slack and Trello are fantastic for easy communicating while on the go, and you can chat to multiple team members on one channel.

Make training a priority

Once operatives have received their initial training, it’s tempting to think that box has been ticked. But to make sure that your staff are delivering a consistently excellent cleaning service to your clients you need to constantly reinforce your training and ensure that all of your staff stay up to date with your systems and processes. By continuing to invest in the training of your staff, you’re also helping to keep motivation high and letting them know they are valued.

Celebrate success

Just because your staff work remotely doesn’t mean they can’t be kept up-to-date about company news. Why not consider a monthly mini newsletter? Include details of any training opportunities, share updates from the senior management team and ask employees to contribute their own success stories. It’s a great way of keeping remote staff in the loop and of recognising those who go above and beyond.

When you’re managing remote teams, communication is key. Get it right, and your teams will be happy, productive and profitable.

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