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by MyTraining / March 8, 2023

Creating a safe workspace in the winter months

Creating a safe workplace in winter months

Creating a safe workspace during the winter months.

Since Covid-19, working within an office has never been the same. Measures have been put in place so we can all avoid getting ill as much as possible. Employees are more conscientious of their surroundings and employers are providing extra resources to put their worries at ease. But winter is coming back round and the flu season is starting with the possibility of Covid-19 spiking again.

Providing a clean and hygienic workspace is important regardless of the pandemic but it has now become a priority.

Ways to avoid catching/spreading the office cold/flu:

  • Provide sanitizing products: This is so staff can wipe down their desks and equipment after use.
  • Avoid hotdesking: It is important that one person uses an area at one time. If there is a need to move around, make sure that the space gets cleaned.
  • Safety Committee: Have a monthly meeting to access the workspace and if there is any need for improvement. Are your staff still concerned? Are you providing enough resources?
  • Cleaning staff are trained: Making sure that the cleaning staff are trained is super important as they can use different chemicals to clean and fight infections. Additionally, their training should cover any industry practices like colour coding and not using the same equipment in different high-risk areas.
  • Work from home: Since Covid, a lot of business allow workers to work from home. This means the risk of infection is cut down considerably.
  • Meetings via Zoom: Instead of having a face-to-face meeting, people are opting to use software services like Zoom and teams. This allows you to have a face-to-face meeting while not physically being with them. This again cuts down transfer risk.
  • Wash your hand: A common practice that should be encouraged. You should wash your hand several times a day.

How can MyTraining help?

MyTraining is an eLearning platform that makes sure their cleaners know how to tackle the office during flu season. The modules cover different chemicals, industry practices and how to use equipment properly. Great training will encourage employees (cleaners) to go the extra mile and this will ultimately make your clients happy and their sickness rate will be at low.

If you would like to speak to an advisor at MyTraining, contact us today!

023 9220 7788 | MyTraining.Global | [email protected]

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