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Delivering training across multiple sites

One of the challenges within the cleaning industry is ensuring high standards of cleaning are consistent throughout every site they manage. This contract cleaner approached us with some concerns about managing the training aspect within their business and the need of simplifying training for all operatives. Having studied options for training, they decided that the weekly bite-size approach would work well for their team and rolled the training out to all staff in 2018. Since that time, take up within the company has been fantastic and it has now become an integral part of the teams system. Performance of each user is monitored on a monthly basis, and the effect on the staff engagement has been a reward to see. Combine this with the record keeping now being online and always up to date and the benefits of the system are felt throughout the whole of the business, with this information being presented with any new tenders.


Delivering training for a team throughout the Midlands

As a busy facilities management company, looking after clients and growing the company was vitally important to them.  Realising the need of systemising the training and providing clients with tangible improvements, they turned to MyTraining to help.  As one of the directors said, our training does happen but recording it consistently across the business is hard to maintain. Having decided to roll the MyTraining eLearning platform out, they said the low user cost combined with the automated record keeping made it an obvious choice for the business.  The successful roll out has helped to keep performance at its  peak, which is critical for the retention of contracts and has made it easy to onboard new staff to ensure the cleaning methodology is well known by every team member.  Records are now all digitally held and accessible at any point, with a dedicated person looking after the records and giving clients peace of mind that there site is cared for by a professional, well trained team.


Improving standards across the board

We were contacted by a large cleaning contractor who had a challenge with providing training to all staff members due to the wide number of sites across their client portfolio. It was proving increasingly difficult for them to manage the training, using area managers going to each site, and then recording the training records for ISO audits.  They started to trial the MyTraining solution, attracted by the simplicity of the system, which meant that all staff could receive weekly training with easy tracking and record keeping. After some weeks of trialling the system, they decided to roll the training solution out to all of their staff and have been proving the benefits of the MyTraining eLearning portal for well over a year now.  The key difference for us, they say, is that we know that all staff are receiving the training as it happens automatically without the reliance on the area managers to complete it along with all of the other duties they have.  Now the area manager can simply keep an eye on the records and remind staff to keep up to date with their training, knowing that standards are being improved across the board and resulting in happier…

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