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by MyTraining / July 5, 2024

The importance of record keeping.

Having up to date and accurate records should be best practice for all businesses no matter what industry you are working in. It can save you time but most importantly money.

By making sure that your business has all its records in order, you will be able to make appropriate decisions and take the most suitable actions needed. Additionally, by making sure you are well organised and up to date you can protect yourself against any legal challenges that you might face as you will be able to supply evidence as you should have records (health & safety, training, etc).  

What happens if my business is challenged legally?

If you are ever challenged by a client or any other individual legally, you can refer to your records to help. You can prove that your business is correctly conducting business and have procedures in place. By practicing great record keeping, you can save a lot of time, money and resources. Within the cleaning industry, it is extremely important that you keep track of what training your cleaners have had under your employment. You need to make sure they are fully educated when it comes to chemicals, using equipment and the best practices to have.

Your employees represent your business and by having them fully trained means that they will be able to conduct their work fully knowledgeable and the risk of an issue will be extremely low.

MyTraining makes sure all the training records are in one place

MyTraining will chase your employees to watch their two-minute video that is provided to them weekly via email and even though these videos are short they are extremely informative. To ensure that the videos are understood there is a multiple-choice question at the end. Once they have completed their training you are notified on the MyTraining website.

By using MyTraining, you know that you can quickly find out what training your employees have done and what areas they need to improve on. By having an eLearning platform like MyTraining means you can reduce the amount of time you spend chasing and conducting training. This time can be spent elsewhere in your business.

Having a tool like MyTraining can change the amount of time you have to spend on admin and how your business is run. We pride ourselves on giving effective and informative training while keeping the costs low – We want your business to thrive.

If you would like to find about more about how MyTraining can help with training of new or existing staff members, book a demo today!