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by MyTraining / November 4, 2021

Have the very best cleaning staff? Here’s how to keep hold of them!

It can be hard to keep hold of good staff in any industry, but for some reason it seems that the cleaning industry finds it even harder than most. This means that managers and owners of cleaning companies need to work even harder to retain their staff members.

Wondering how best to do it? How best to keep hold of your staff? Here are some of our top tips on making sure that your best cleaning staff stick around.

Keep your management up to standard

One of the biggest reasons that staff members leave their jobs is because they do not get along with, or feel valued by their manager. This means that it is incredibly important for you to make sure that your managers are up to a high standard. Without good managers, your staff won’t feel valued and they are likely to move on to somewhere else with managers motivating them.

Offer training and development opportunities

If we feel that we are stale in our roles, that there is no development for us in our career, then we are much more likely to leave their job. This means that one of the key things to focus on in your business is training and development. Offer your staff chances for them to increase and develop their skills. Especially those that can help them to do their job better as well as develop their career in the long term too.

Encourage opinions

A key thing for any employee is the feeling that they are valued, that their opinion matters. This means that it is worthwhile making sure that your employees feel that they can offer opinions and feedback on your business to you. Not only does this ensure that they feel valued, but it could also give you some great ideas on how you can grow and develop your business in the long-term too.

Work out key talent areas and use them

We all have things that we are good at, talents that we have. As managers and business owners it is vital that we recognise these talents and utilise them. Especially in our staff members. Not only does this have the benefit that you are going to find people who can do things to a high standard for your business, but it benefits them too. They are going to feel that they are useful, that their talents have been recognised and there is also a much greater chance that they are going to enjoy what they are doing and want to stay with you as long as possible to do it.

Keeping hold of staff can be tricky, but make sure that you try these ideas and we can promise you that those staff members who are so valuable to you, will be there for as long as possible. Proving to be a long-term, valuable asset to your company and its success

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